Privacy Policy

Importance Notice: 

We wish to inform our visitors that we respect your privacy. It is important to us. This privacy policy document provides details of how we may collect, gather, request, secure, use and transfer your data. 

By visiting this website, you agree to abide by the privacy policy discussed therein. You accept the way we collect and use your data, as discussed in this privacy policy page. We urge you to read our privacy policy to get a better understanding of how we manage and use your data. 

Website Visitors:

Like other sites, and agencies out there, Outreach Link Agency wishes to state that we might collect non-personal information from our visitors. These include information that the web browsers and servers make available. Examples include browser type, referring site, language preference, and time of each visit to the site. 

Please note that Outreach Link Agency uses this information to have a clear understanding of how our visitors interact with each section of this website. We may also collect personally identifiable information from you, such as your IP addresses.

Personally-Identifiable Information 

How visitors interact with this website (Outreach Link Agency) differs from person to person. Therefore, the type, and number of information we may collect from our visitors varies from person to person, and is influenced by how the visitors interact with this website. 

Visitors that interact with this website by signing up may only be required to make their email address and username available to us. This is based on their interaction with this website. 

The level of data we may collect from a visitor that conducted a transaction on this site or make a payment differs. The information collected enables us (Outreach Link Agency) to conduct the transaction successful. We may require such visitor’s personal and financial information to complete the transaction. 

Outreach Link Agency wishes to state that we would always ensure that all our visitors’ private and personal information are kept safe. We do not disclose or transfer sensitive information belonging to a visitor or client to a third party. 

Visitors may also wish to keep their information private, but note that such a move might make accessing certain part of this website difficult.    

Aggregated Statistics:

Outreach Link Agency wishes to state that we might collect statistics on how visitors behave or interact with this website or on this website. We may also share these statistics publicly or make them available to others for legitimate purposes. These include pages most visited, number of visitors, bounce rate, etc. 

Outreach Link Agency wishes to state that the agency, company, would never disclose private or sensitive information of our clients to the public or a third party. 

Protection and Use of Visitors Information

Your privacy is valuable to us. That’s why we will always do everything humanly possible to protect them. We will never use your data for other processes besides the ones mentioned here. 

Here is how we may use your data/ information. 

Outreach Link Agency may disclose visitors information to employees, contractors, and the affiliate organizations that have (i) agreed and assured us that they would not share data in their care or use same other means considered inappropriate (ii) Agencies that need to know or access the data to provide services on Outreach Link Agency’ behalf. 

We may give visitors information to law enforcement, in accordance with the law. This includes a subpoena, court case government request, or in cases where the security of our visitors is at stake. 

We wish to notify our visitors that email provided on this site are kept safe and we may send you a notification via the email provided from time to time. 

We follow best practices to secure our visitors’ data and ensure all information provided on this site is safe.   

Other Information We May Collect

To ensure we deliver optimal services, we wish to state that we may request, or collect, other information from visitors as stated below.  

  • Name
  • Business Type
  • Business name
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Billing address
  • Other information via surveys.
  • Username

Outreach Link Agency does not, and will never sell, or disclose visitors’ information to third parties. The only way we use our visitors’ information are the ways discussed herein. 

Non-Disclosure Agreement 

We maintain a strict non-disclosure agreement. We will ensure your data is well-protected before, during and after the project. We only request or use your information for legitimate purposes. If you have any questions or clarification regarding how we use, store, secure or collect your information, please feel free to ask us. 

We Use Cookies On This Site

Outreach Link Agency wishes to state that this website uses cookies. Visitors have the option to accept or reject cookies, but keep in mind that such a move may affect the functionality of certain aspects of this website on the said visitor’s browser. 

What are cookies? Cookies are harmless. Cookies are information stored on a computer by one’s browser. It’s also important to note that visitors’ browsers make cookies or information available whenever they visit this website. Cookies help Outreach Link Agency to track and identify visitors, including the areas of this site our visitors interact with the most. 

Notification Of Privacy Policy Change

Though the modifications made might be minor, it’s important we notify our visitors that we may make these alterations from time to time. Outreach Link Agency wishes to state that we, the company, might make changes to this privacy policy at any time. 

We reserve the right to carry out such changes without prior notice. We urge visitors to visit this privacy policy page from time to time to get update. Note that changes made to this privacy policy will become active once published. Your continued use of this site even after the changes have been made means that you agree and accept the changes.