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Modification Of Our Terms And Conditions

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The Website’s Content/Materials:

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Notification On Use Of Cookies On This Site:

We wish to notify users that this website uses cookies, and they are safe. Cookies refer to tiny text sent to your browser and are safe. The reason we’re using cookies on this website, and why other sites do the same is to offer better user experience. 

Understanding Our Payment And Renewal Policy

General Terms:   

By choosing a plan on this website (Outreach Link Agency), you accept to pay the one-time, monthly, or annual subscription, or as agreed and authorized by you (Including other payments that could be included for other services rendered for which you’re aware and approved). The payment made covers the stipulated duration and service rendered. 

Automatic Renewal:

Unless you notify us, this company, business, agency (Outreach Link Agency) before the end of your subscription, that you wish to cancel and not renew your package, your subscription will be automatically renewed the following month/year, and you will have to pay the normal fee for the monthly or year. We may provide to collect the payment using any credit card or payment mechanism on our record for you.  

Outreach Link Agency

You agree to pay Outreach Link Agency the applicable and reoccurring fee when you sign up for a plan on this platform. Note that Outreach Link Agency reserves the right to alter the terms and fees upon 30 days written notice to you. 

You have the right to request a cancellation your subscription, plan or package before the work commences. You can write to us at Support@Outreachlinkagency.com stating the reason you want to cancel your plan. Note that you may not receive a full or partial payment if work has commenced. 

Our Position On Third-Party Links:

Outreach Link Agency wishes to state that we, the agency, business or company, is yet to review any third-party link (s) on this website or those linked to this site. We have not studied these links, including the content. Therefore, the inclusion of a specific link to Outreach Link Agency does not, in anyway, imply an endorsement. We urge visitors to conduct their findings and read the terms of use on each site before taking action. 


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