12 Link Building Benefits: Why Backlinks Are Vital For SEO 

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Link Building Benefits

You must have heard about link-building benefits and felt that SEO experts are trying to entice you by making link-building attractive. But that isn’t the case. 

Link building offers numerous benefits. Therefore, it should be one of the strategies deployed in any online marketing campaign.  

Backlink is one of Google’s top-ranking factors. Thus, when you combine link-building with an on-page SEO strategy, strong technical SEO, high-quality content, and user experience, link you can achieve success online. 

Link-building is time-consuming, highly technical, and can sometimes be very frustrating. And this is true when using a manual link-building strategy. But at Outreach Link Agency, we know the how and are ready to bend over to get you the results you seek. 

Let’s discuss the various benefits you can derive from link building. 

12 Link-Building Benefits That Show Why You Should Invest In Backlinks

When you invest in link-building, these are the possible benefits you’ll receive. 

1: Positive impact on your web traffic:

Interview any website seller to know their biggest challenges and desires. All of them will tell you their biggest concern is traffic. You can only talk about conversion rates when your website keeps getting a reasonable amount of traffic. 

Foot traffic (buyers visiting your physical location) is a product of online traffic. But how do you acquire organic traffic? One simple strategy is via backlinks.   

When you publish high-quality content, other websites will be happy to link to your content. You’ll acquire plenty of natural backlinks from other authority websites in no time.  

Your links on other websites can serve as a channel for organic traffic. Finding your links on authority websites may inspire people to visit your website. They’ll view you as an authority in the field. 

Backlinks can help improve your website ranking, placing your site where potential visitors can easily find you. Imagine being on page one of SERP, where over 70% of internet users end their searches. You’ll likely enjoy increased organic traffic.   

Making your site attractive to Google and other search engines is a good strategy. And one way you can achieve this is via quality content. 

When these search engines rate you as an authority, your website ranking may improve. Google values websites that provide valuable information. It wants users to have access to the right information rather than surfing the web and ending up with nothing. 

2: Improve search ranking:

We have mentioned how link building help improves search ranking, but here, we will elaborate more on it. 

When you obtain links from authority and niche-relevant sites, Google will have a reason to trust your website. Search engines generally see links from authority and niche-specific sites as a vote of confidence. 

Google knows no authority site will link to an average or poor-quality site. Thus, when you acquire links from authority and niche-relevant sites, you give Google a reason to see you as an expert in that field. 

Users come first in Google’s book. They are a customer-centered company, and internet users are their customers. 

Google wants users to gain access to the best solutions to their problems. So if your content can offer the best solution, it would rank high in Google’s SERP. Google can identify good-quality content using several parameters. One of them is the dwell time. 

3: Boost credibility and online reputation:

Let’s assume there’s a quality website you have been visiting for the past few years. Let’s say it’s an auto repair site. The site’s content and visual elements have always been top-notch. And they have been consistent and outstanding since inception.  

When scanning through a page on this site, you trust so much; you immediately encounter a link from another website. How would you rate such a link and the brand behind it? Of course, you’ll see it as a valuable link from a reputable brand. 

If you have your content (with your link embedded in the content) on this authority website, any user that comes across your content will rate you as a credible brand. That happens when you draft and publish quality content on other authority websites. Your online reputation soars. 

That is what link building does. It helps to boost your online reputation and credibility, offering you an opportunity to display your expertise to varied classes of users. 

4: Builds brand authority:

Link building can greatly impact website ranking, improving your website authority. As your website authority increases, your possibility of showing up in SERPs for targeted keywords in your niche increases.  

Let us compare two auto repair websites. One boasts high page authority thanks to its rich backlink profile. The other auto repair site doesn’t have the same rich link profile as the first one. 

Assuming Google crawlers crawl both sites to determine the position to rank them. Which of both sites will appear higher on the search engine result page? Of course, it would have higher authority and great content. 

Link building, especially manually, can help you build a healthy backlink profile. In turn, this will improve your website authority and ranking on SERPs. 

5: Improve sales and revenue:

The quality of content used for guest posting or any other link-building strategy is important. Besides the fact that the website you approached for backlinks will honor your request, quality content can boost your sales and revenue. 

If visitors enjoy the content you published on other websites for link-building, they may proceed to your site. And if your call to action is to get them to purchase a product, these impressed visitors may honor it. 

Link building also helps boost your authority, which can impact your search engine ranking. And when you rank on page one, which receives around 70% of web traffic, you’ll likely get more visitors, clicks, and patronage. 

A Handy Tip: In whatever step you take, ensure your website reaches page one of SERPs. Websites on page two still receive traffic, but most organic traffic goes to page one.   

6: Improve online visibility:

Being on page one of search engine result pages is very important. But being on position one of page one is important if you want to enjoy more clicks and visits.  

Taking the first position is important. According to Citrix’s research, position one on SERPs receives approximately 28.5% of the total clicks. So, to get more clicks, you have to be here. 

Link building can improve your website on SERPs. And the more high-quality backlinks you have, the more opportunity you have to move up in SERPs. 

At Outreach Link Agency, we understand that creating high-quality content is one of the ways to build high-quality backlinks, and we’re ready to help you build a healthy backlink profile. 

If you have a shop and create high-quality content on the latest technology or gadget, most tech brands that produce complementary products may want to link to your content. 

Over time, more brands may link to your content, giving Google the vote of confidence it needs to improve your ranking on SERPs. 

7: Reduces bounce rate:

In link building, relevance and quality are important. If you have tons of backlinks directing potential customers to high-quality content on your website, most of the visitors may become paying customers. 

On the flip side, the bounce rate will increase if the link points to poor-quality content. Instead of spending time reading your poor-quality content, most readers may prefer to visit other websites. 

So, create high-quality content that increases your bounce rate. Write content that solves users’ problems and makes you the go-to site for solutions to other problems in your niche. 

A Handy Tip: Many website owners are more concerned about quantity, forgetting that the real deal is quality. The quality of your content matters a great deal. It’s what Google considers, not the amount of content published on your website. 

Even if you have a few articles published on your website, ensure they’re worth it. You can also publish one article per week or month. Just endeavor to maintain high quality. 

8: Boost site metric and SEO score:

Link building and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand-in-hand. So, you can’t talk about SEO without link building. 

Combining effective manual link-building strategies and best SEO practices helps you achieve online marketing success. Your website score and ranking on SERPs will improve. 

A Handy Tip: Remember that SEO isn’t a one-off campaign. When you move to the first page on SERPs, you must continue to do the things you were doing that made your website ranking improve. 

If you stop doing SEO, your website may lose its position on SERPs. You have to continue building high-quality backlinks and follow other SEO strategies you have been using. 

9: Boost your trust score:

You can earn trust via link building and make your brand a household name. Trust is an important element in any business you’re doing. 

Why is trust important? The internet is awash with numerous brands promising heaven on earth but fails to meet buyers’ expectations. Many buyers have even lost hope in dealing with some businesses online and offline. 

People are careful these days with the business they’re dealing with. So if your business comes off as trustworthy, people will want to patronize you.   

Link building can help build your business’ trust score, but how can it help? 

When people find your link on authority and niche-relevant websites, they may see you as an expert.

You can convince visitors or potential buyers that you’re an expert via the quality of content you consistently publish. Write like a professional you are, and watch your website become your niche’s go-to platform for information. 

10: Improve your page’s crawl rate:

How do backlinks improve your crawl rate? Writing high-quality content and publishing it on your website is never enough. Will Google index the content faster? You have to consider that too. 

Though you cannot predict when Crawlers will crawl and index your content, you can take certain steps to make it happen much faster. One of those steps is by building backlinks. 

When multiple highly-rated sites are linked to your webpage, Google considers it a valuable page. Thus, it should index the page faster to show up in search results of users seeking the same information. 

For Google, UX is the most important thing. Thus, having several authority websites linked to your page is a vote of confidence to Google. 

The reward is that your page will be indexed quicker, and you’ll appear in SERPs for the targeted search term.

11: A top Google ranking factor:

First, backlinks achieved via link building are one of Google’s main ranking factors. It’s a top-ranking factor. 

As a top-ranking factor, building a healthy backlink profile via manual outreach will improve your chances of succeeding online. 

Another thing you need to know is that backlinks aren’t just a ranking factor. It is also a friend to crawlers. That’s why links from high authority websites pointing to your webpage can help convince crawlers to crawl and index your page. 

12: Build steady streams of income:

Having steady streams of income is vital to any business. It can help the business expand or grow in different areas. 

Link building offers you the opportunity to earn recurring income. Now, how is this even possible? Let me explain. 

Backlinks from other sites pointing to your site will remain intact. Most of those links will remain intact as long as the website remains intact. 

When you use high-quality and information-packed content as guest posts, you’re making announcing yourself in a good way. Anybody that stops on that page may want to click on your link and consume more of your content.   

Imagine having hundreds of links pointing to different pages on your website. You may likely receive higher organic traffic and click-through.


Link-building benefits are numerous. It can improve your ranking, traffic, and trust score and even cause your pages to be indexed much quicker. 

Building quality backlinks is what counts. Google wants you to build natural backlinks manually to enjoy the benefits of backlinks. 

At Outreach Link Agency, we help new and existing businesses build a healthy backlink profile. We have professional link builders ready to bend over for your desired results. 

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