What Is Manual Link Building: What You Should Know

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What Is Manual Link Building

Does the “What is manual link building” question sound familiar? If it does, then you must have tried link building. 

Manual link building involves obtaining backlinks manually. It can be via outreach or relationship building. Outreach involves contacting the website owners directly, while relationship building involves building rapport with numerous website owners.

You can ask the website to give you a backlink if you have a good relationship with the owner. However, the website owner may ask you to return the favor by doing the same thing or something different. In most cases, you may have to produce fresh content.   

Manual link building is a tedious and time-consuming process of getting backlinks. But you can obtain high-quality backlinks via this process if done right. 

Manual link-building is the opposite of an automated link-building strategy. The latter can land you in trouble with search engines.

Here, we will discuss manual link building and the various processes involved. Read for more information on the topic. 

What Is Manual Link Building?

Manual link building is the process of acquiring backlinks manually. In this technique, you source genuine websites, send your pitch to them, and await a response. You can receive backlinks via outreach or relationship building via manual link building.   

Manual link building is entirely different from automated link building strategy. Automated link building involves tools, and Google doesn’t like these processes. If you must earn quality backlinks, you must work for it.     

Manual link-building can be rewarding. At the same time, it’s time-consuming, tedious, and can be frustrating. In this process, you must wait for replies after pitching your guest post, niche edit, or broken link idea to the website owner or admin. And sometimes, you might receive a response within 24 hours or weeks.   

In most cases, you may be asked by the website owner to create fresh content. In this case, you must search their website and ensure the topic you’re writing about hasn’t been published there. Another thing you mustn’t fail to do is follow the publishing website’s guidelines. This way, you can earn their editors’ approval easily.  

So, you can see that manual link building is work, though it can be rewarding. Your content must add value to the website and readers. 

Search engines love backlinks acquired manually and consider them natural backlinks. 

So, get your links manually and avoid Google’s penalty. Manual link building allows you to evaluate various websites and choose the one that’s best for you. This way, you can identify and avoid spammy and low-quality websites.

At Outreach Link Agency, we strictly use the manual link-building strategy as we take an interest in the quality of the links we deliver to our clients. 

How Manual Link Building Is Done 

Every website owner understands that content is king! 

This is an old phrase by Bill Gates, but still relevant. Your content’s quality can bring backlink opportunities your way. If you have quality content, many high-authority websites would want to link to it.    

Authority websites appreciate good content when they see one. Many of these sites have high-profile audiences and massive reputations to protect. Thus, any content they publish on their website has to meet specific standards. Otherwise, it will be rejected.

That said, your content should have value. Plus, it should adhere to the publishers’ requirements. Every website has its requirements and expects you to follow them when writing your content. 

The requirement for some might be to write a specific word count or use a unique format. In either case, ensure the content meets the standard and quality of the ones you find on the website. 

Outreach Link Agency is established to help new and existing websites acquire quality backlinks manually. We’ll help you get natural and niche-specific links to drive traffic and improve ranking on SERPs.  

Here are link-building techniques 

1: Guest posting strategy: 

This link-building strategy involves identifying niche-specific sites and contacting them manually for a link-building opportunity. You’ll ask the admin or website owner for a chance to publish on their website. In return, you’ll get backlinks and link juice (if the website owner gives you a do-follow link). However, no-follow links aren’t terrible links. 

You need a mixture of do-follow and no-follow links to balance the equation. 

A do-follow link allows search engines to attribute PageRank to the linked page. In other words, link juice from the publishing page is passed to both websites. 

Another thing you need to know is many websites accepting guest posts have instructions content writers are expected to follow. And they expect you to read, understand and adhere to the instructions. Otherwise, they may reject your content. 

When you contact a site for guest posting, there is a high probability that they’ll ask you for fresh, unique, and high-quality content. Your content must meet the blog’s standards. Otherwise, it won’t make it past the review stage. 

A website or blog will only publish content from another website/writer on their website when they trust the quality of the content. Thus, edit your content ruthlessly before final submission for publishing.  

Here are guest posting tips that will help you:

  • Check blogs or websites properly before requesting guest post opportunities. Ensure the blog is authoritative, niche-relevant, and non-spammy before contacting the admin or website owner. 
  • Check if the topic you want to write on has been covered. If it has, don’t bother writing about it. Instead, choose a new topic. 
  • Pitch your topic idea to the website owner or admin. If they like it, you’ll receive a reply to submit your content. If they don’t, you might get a response. I used the word “might” because some bloggers or website owners don’t send a reply in these circumstances. 
  • Follow the blog’s guidelines when writing fresh content. If you have written the content before, edit it to follow the targeted website’s content guidelines. 
  • Write powerful content. Your content should be too captivating and exciting that the blog owner won’t have any option but to publish it. 
  • Endeavor to edit your articles ruthlessly before submitting them for publishing.  

  2: Link exchange strategy:

As the name implies, link exchange involves two website owners agreeing to link to each other’s website. 

Here is how it works. Site “A” contacts site “B,” and both agree to offer a link to each other’s location. 

Quality backlinks can impact website ranking on SERP positively. When two websites come together and agree to exchange links, the outcome would be increased traffic, ranking, and online reputation. 

However, things don’t always go as planned in a link exchange strategy. The domain authority of both sites may not be the same. And as you already know, no website with high domain authority will agree to link to another with lower domain authority. 

A site with higher domain authority won’t benefit from linking to another with a lower domain. So, what can happen in this scenario?

At BitChip Digital, we do what is called a “three way link building strategy” in these types of scenarios. 

How does the three-way link strategy work? When we contact a site with a higher domain than our clients, we ask them for a backlink and offer to find a high-quality website that can provide them with a backlink. 

3: Link insertion strategy:

Link insertion is another manual link-building strategy that offers you a chance to get quality backlinks and equally provide value to the website you’re linking to.

How does this link-building strategy work? The first step is to make a list of niche-specific websites and go through one or more pages on the website to see if there are pages that your content can add more value to. 

When you establish contact with the website owner, you must convince the individual that your content will add value to their website.

Note that most websites don’t offer link insertion free of charge. You may have to pay the website owner an agreed amount. 

Sometimes, the website owner may request you to write content to get backlinks. If that’s the case, then feel free to write one.


After reading this post, we hope you understand the answer to the question, “What is manual link building?”

Manual link building is a technique that involves obtaining backlinks manually. It consists of contacting the website owner or establishing a relationship to have a link on their sites pointing to yours. 

At Outreach Link Agency, we have used the manual link-building strategy since its inception. Links obtained manually are mostly high-quality backlinks. They have the most significant impact on a website and are free from Google penalties. 

Do you want valuable backlinks? Do you wish to build a healthy link profile? If yes, then let the Outreach Link Agency help you. 

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