Niche Edit Vs Guest Post: The Best For Link Building

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Niche Edit Vs Guest Post

Here is a niche edit vs guest post comparison. You’ll figure out the differences between both link building strategies from this comparison.  

There are diverse ways to build backlinks. But niche edits and guest posting are the two most popular strategies. Both have been the most-used strategies over the years.

Guest posts vs niche edits are powerful link building strategies, though involve different processes. For instance, you have to produce fresh content for guest posts. For curated links, also called niche edits, you don’t have to post content. Rather, you insert links into old content.

Finding a guest posting slot is not easy. Most relevant niche websites may not accept guest posts. Some may accept but don’t allow links intended for backlink purposes. 

However, there’s nothing wrong in outsourcing your guest post and niche edit projects. Just find an outreach agency that understands Google’s webmaster guidelines to build a healthy backlink profile for your website.

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The Meaning of Guest Posting:

Guest posting is an optimization strategy that involves publishing your content on another website to gain exposure, authority, credibility, trust, referral traffic and backlinks. 

Website owners consider guest posting primarily to build a backlink profile. As you already know, creating a healthy backlink profile can impact your site’s search engine ranking positively. When you build backlinks to a page and deploy other SEO strategies, that page could rank. 

Another name for guest posting is “guest blogging.” And mind you, it can be a tedious process. You have to have patience and be an excellent writer to run successful guest posting campaigns. 

Is Guest Posting Hard?

Yes, it is. Why? It involves several processes or steps.  The first step is to search for a relevant, authoritative and credible website. Ensure the website isn’t running a link scheme

When you find a relevant site, check to know if they accept guest posts. If yes, your next move should be to pitch the website owner, stating your intention.

Your intention might be to write an XYZ article on topic ABC. Extend your guest post outreach to websites with high domain authority and wait for responses to your guest post request. Sometimes, they might take a while to respond to your emails. Just be patient and keep searching for other relevant websites.  

A Handy Tip: You should consider sending your pitch/ guest post request to other websites via a branded email address. Branded email address is an email address containing your website or business name. 

Most websites will respond to your request quickly when you contact them with a branded email address. They’ll take you seriously because you looked serious.

Now, let’s continue!

Contact websites that receive massive traffic for your guest post. This way, you’ll get far better referral traffic than a site that doesn’t record high traffic. 

Another thing to consider is to start writing once your request gets approved. And write well-researched guest posts, strictly following the website’s requirements. You can check other posts on the website to get a better understanding of what the website owner wants. 

Note that your guest posts will be approved and published if they meet the websites’ guidelines. You’ll also receive backlinks to your website, which can impact your website ranking. 

A Handy Tip: Ensure your guest posts are top-notch. They should be well-researched, optimized, detailed, and expertly drafted. Show your knowledge in your industry. Potential customers treasure you if you can prove that you know your onions.  

Guest posting/blogging is unique because you can add the keywords in the content’s title and tweak it.

Furthermore, incorporating guest posts and other SEO strategies will boost your drive targeted traffic and search ranking. 

The thing is, people treasure sites with multiple authors. Why? They believe such a site is credible. So, you’ll have a chance to boost your credibility and establish yourself as the go-to for vital information in your niche.    

Can guest posting help you rank fast? 

Guest post links can help increase your site’s search ranking, domain authority, credibility and confidence. You won’t rank overnight though. Run away from SEO agencies that promise to boost your site’s ranking overnight.

Building backlinks to your web page via guest blog post will impact your website’s search ranking over time. 

Publish more relevant articles (guest posts) on multiple websites if you want to benefit from guest blogging. You can even send guest post requests to multiple websites at once. 

Here is why this is necessary. When you send guest post requests or topic ideas to ten websites, you may not receive positive responses from all ten websites. 

To make contacting websites for guest posting easier, store the contact emails of all the websites on an Excel sheet. This move will make it easier to follow up each website owner, and build a good rapport with them.    

Not all websites accept guest posts!

One thing you should know is many authority sites that no longer accept guest posts were once accepting them. They stopped doing so probably because of the negative experiences they had in the past. 

Some of these authoritative websites are tired of receiving poorly written guest posts from agencies and website owners. They have a high standard when it comes to the type of content they publish. And they wouldn’t want to ruin the reputation they have built over the years by getting a single poorly written post published on their website.   

Is Guest Posting Still Working?  

This question makes sense. Why? Google algorithm updates change things. Most people believe that Google has retired guest blogging , as a content marketing strategy to build backlinks.  

The truth is, guest posting works! If it isn’t working for you, then you haven’t been doing it the right way. You may have been publishing your guest posts on poor-quality and spammy websites rather than authority sites. Also, you may have been publishing your content on websites that aren’t relevant to yours.     

Here is a summary of what Google’s Matt Cutts said in 2014; “If you’re using guest posting as a strategy to obtain links, you need to stop doing so.”  

What is Matt Cutts trying to say here? In summary, he’s trying to caution website owners about focusing wholly on the links they’ll obtain from guest blogging . Rather, he wants people to focus on providing value.

Google wants you to write posts that offer value and satisfy users’ search intent. It doesn’t want you to write for search engines.

Matt Cutts is simply amplifying Google’s thoughts on guest posting. He didn’t say guest posting is outdated or has lost its place. Instead, he wants guest bloggers to concentrate on providing value via guest posts. 

Backlinks are one of Google’s most important ranking factors. And you can get high quality backlinks via guest post. Just find high domain authority and relevant sites that accept guest blog posts. Submit high quality content to the target site and you’ll receive SEO benefits.

A Handy Tip: Write well-researched and unique content for every guest post. Remember that you’re showcasing your brand name, and people will rate you based on the quality of your content. 

Build a strong reputation and stamp your authority in your niche via guest posts. When people find your posts anywhere online, they should trust that the information provided is authentic. 

When you reach this level in your business or marketing career, the sky will be your starting point. Acquiring and converting leads to paying customers will be way easier.  

How Beneficial Is Guest Posting?

How Beneficial Is Guest Posting.

There are numerous benefits guest blogging offers. But you will acquire them when consistently creating and publishing quality content on authority, niche relevant and credible platforms. Check out the benefits below. 

Brand Awareness:

The keyword here is to produce valuable content. Your content should resonate with your readers. 

Guest blogging allows website owners or marketers to reach new audiences on other websites. You will also enjoy a unique opportunity to establish yourself as an authority by drafting valuable content in your niche. 

People will know your brand via your content and patronize you when they have needs. 

Networking opportunities:

Guest blogging can help you establish a good rapport with industry professionals, blog owners, influencers, etc. When your guest post is approved, a thin line of communication between you and the website owner is established. 

You can nurture the relationship and interact more with the website owner. The benefit of establishing this type of relationship is that you can become a contributor on other websites, and boost your opportunity to acquire more high-quality backlinks.  

How Is Guest Posting Done?

Guest posting’s straightforwardness sets it apart among other link-building strategies. In addition, it can impact your online business massively. 

Here are the steps to build a guest post:

1: Find relevant websites: 

Searching for niche relevant websites is the first step. You can contact multiple websites at once.

By the way, niche relevance,” means a blog or website that’s similar to yours. 

Finding websites for guest posts may seem simple, but it isn’t. You could spend hours on this task alone.

Here are keywords you can use to search for blogs accepting guest posts.

  • “Guest post”
  • “Become an author.”
  • “inurl: contributors”
  • “Inurl: “your keyword” “contributor”

Use a combination of keywords to search for websites accepting guest posts. And ensure you copy their contact emails to a Word document or Excel sheet. This will make it easier to customize your pitch for each website and evaluate the outcomes.    

2: Pitch your guest post idea:

Let the website owner know what you plan to write about, so they can decide. If they like it, they’ll give the go-ahead. If they don’t, you’ll get a reply and settle for another topic.

Most websites will also suggest a topic they want you to write on for the guest post. 

3: Write your guest post:

Once your guest post request gets approved, get to work immediately. You don’t want to keep the website owner waiting for a long period. 

4: Submit your guest post and be patient: 

Most websites have editors that check articles before publishing them. And they’ll be checking yours too. 

5: Share published article links on social media: 

When you get the link, try to distribute it across all your social media pages.    

 We have been discussing guest posts. Now, let’s focus on “niche edit.” 

What Is Niche Edit? 

What Is Niche Edit.

Niche edits are also called contextual links, and it’s a strategy used to acquire backlinks.

Here’s how it works. When you find a relevant article on an existing another blog and request an opportunity to place your link on that article. That is what niche edits is about.

Unlike guest posts, you don’t need to produce a new article to get niche edit backlinks. The link insertion is done on existing posts. In other words, you have to edit existing posts.

Here are two things to consider when building links via niche edits. 

  • Identify blogs that are relevant to yours. In other words, it should be in a similar niche as yours. 
  • Find a relevant post on the targeted page. That is, the content should be relevant to your keyword. 

Why niche edit? I will share more information on niche edit’s benefits. Firstly, let me state this here. 

In niche edit, you insert your link into an existing article that Google has already indexed. Thus, there is a chance the content boasts credibility and authority, which is beneficial. Thus, you’ll receive high quality links.

The fact that you’re placing your link directly into an existing article means niche edits can offer immediate results. Your website ranking could improve, and you could start receiving referral traffic. 

The referral traffic is targeted, and this could be a big booster for your business. Your visitors would include people seeking your products or services and are wholly or partially ready to splash the cash. 

A Handy Tip: Backlinks acquired via niche edits will only likely impact your linked page’s search ranking if the post you inserted your link into is relevant. So, always consider relevance before requesting niche edit opportunities from other websites. 

One benefit this link-building strategy offers is that you don’t have to produce fresh content. Instead, you’ll have to update existing ones on the site. And this makes the strategy less time-consuming and cost-effective.

Which strategy is easier between niche edits vs guest posts? Niche edits are simpler in some ways. 

The fact that you’re going to update the existing content will appeal to most website owners. Unlike guest blogging, you won’t publish fresh content on someone else’s website.

By the way, most website owners don’t like posting content from other blogs on their websites. 

Is Obtaining Backlinks Via Niche Edits Black Hat SEO?

Most website owners believe that building backlinks via niche edits is an unfair practice. But there is no truth in this.

Any link-building process can be white or black hat. The primary thing is how you acquired the link. If the process is legitimate, Google won’t have cause to penalize your site. 

By legitimate, we mean contacting different websites manually and asking for the opportunity to insert your link in a relevant post. Some websites will agree to this, provided your proposed link provides contextual value to the content. 

If you use SAPE to add links to hacked websites or blogs, that is a black hat. Google doesn’t like such a link-building strategy and will penalize your website. 

How can you ensure backlinks acquired via niche edits aren’t black hats? Gone are the days when unethical SEO practices went under the radar and thrived without Google’s knowledge. Today, Google can penalize websites practicing black hat SEO almost immediately. 

How Beneficial Is Niche Edit? 

Here are more reasons niche editing is a wise choice for content marketers. 

It makes acquiring links from high DA web pages simple: 

The standard of articles on high DA pages is on another level. Thus, you would have to make your article top-notch to increase the chances of getting approval for a guest post.

This isn’t the case with niche editing. You’re not writing fresh content for the website. Instead, you’re inserting a link into relevant content. 

High DA website owners are more likely to accept your link insertion request than to allow you to write full content for the site. Most website owners don’t like publishing articles from other writers on their sites too. 

Fast results:

The chance of obtaining backlinks via niche edits is high. In addition, you’re inserting a link in already indexed content. Thus, the impact on your page’s search ranking and targeted traffic might be quicker. 


The fact that you don’t have to draft a new article makes niche edits a cost-effective link-building strategy. Niche edits is also budget-friendly compared to other SEO strategies. 

How Is Niche Edit Done? 

Niche edits is a great strategy to boost online visibility and gain credibility fast. You can expand your digital footprint with it too. 

Now, how are niche edit links obtained? The first step is to find sites. Search for authority, credible and niche-relevant websites. Note that the websites must be niche relevant. That is, the platform should be in the same niche as yours. 

The targeted blog post should also be related to your keyword. But ensure your links can add contextual value to the content they are being inserted into. 

The way niche edits are done is simple but can feel overwhelming to site owners with no experience. If you’re a site owner in this category, you can seek niche edit expert help.

SEO professionals will contact other websites on your behalf to request for niche edit links . Once approved, they’ll ensure your links are naturally inserted into the targeted content on the approved website.  

Niche Edit And Guest Post Comparison: Which Of Them Is The Best Choice?  

Niche edits and guest posts have their pros and cons. Thus, instead of stating that one is superior, it will make sense to consider what differentiates both strategies. Check the table below for more clues.  

Guest Posts


Niche Edits


You have to produce a fresh article and insert your link into the article.  


You don’t need to write a new article. Instead, your link will be inserted into an already-indexed article.   


Finding an authority site that accepts guest posts is taxing. 


The approval rate of niche edit requests for authority websites is encouraging.


You can position your primary keyword in the title of the article 



The article is already indexed, so you cannot alter the title. 


You might not get an immediate result from a guest post. Why? Google may have to index the site first.  



The result might be almost immediate since Google has indexed the content already.  


Writing fresh content requires investment. You need to put in your time, energy, and money. 



ROI is high, as you don’t need to provide fresh articles. 


There are chances of securing targeted traffic if your content is valuable and relevant. If the reverse is the case, you may get little traffic. 



You’re inserting the link into an already existing post that has been indexed. Thus, the chances of getting more targeted traffic are high.   


Are Niche Edits Safe? 

Yes, niche edits are safe, and no, it’s not safe! Why two conflicting answers? Here’s an explanation. 

The safety of a niche edits link depends on how you obtain the said link. You will be in Google’s good book if you follow the legitimate process. In other words, you have to contact the website owner or site admin manually and make the request to insert a link into an article on their website. 

If the website owner or admin agrees, you’re good to go. Remember that the “white hat” strategy won’t get you in trouble. 

What about the “grey hat” niche edit links strategy? Is it worth it? Most people may want to consider going grey-hat because of the almost immediate increase in traffic it can have. But then, why go down such a path? Note that a white hat is enough and will give you similar results. 

Avoid black hat niche edits strategy at all costs. Otherwise, you may land in trouble with Google. 


This Niche edit and guest post comparison addresses the numerous confusions about both strategies. You can use either link building tactic quality links. Unlike guest posts, niche edit involves having your links inserted into indexed pages. You’re inserting your links into old posts.

There are risks involved in both strategies, and we made an effort to explain them. However, you can avert any threat by following the best SEO practices. Do not give Google a reason to penalize or tag your website to a bad name. 

The strategies for building backlinks via niche edit or guest post. However, if you don’t know how to go about it, we have experts that can help you. 

Outreach Link Agency are link building specialists established to help new and existing online businesses acquire quality backlinks that can boost their sites’ search ranking. 

Unlike most agencies, our guest post-link-building strategy will not land your website in trouble with Google and other search engines. We use a White-hat SEO strategy to ensure and build backlinks manually. 


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