20 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Guest Posting You Should Know

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Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Guest Posting

Are you aware of the benefits of guest posting to your online business? Are you channeling your effort toward building quality backlinks via guest posting? If you aren’t, you’re depriving your website of a massive growth opportunity.

Guest posting (also called guest blogging) is not dead! It is old but still effective. You can build quality backlinks (do-follow and no-follow) via guest posts. All you have to do is find a niche-relevant and authoritative blog and request to send your content for publishing.

Guest blogging will benefit your online business in almost every area. Just name it, brand awareness, online and foot traffic, ranking, confidence, etc.

Alright, enough of the talking! Let me show you how guest posts can benefit your website. And if you’re interested in guest posting but too busy for it, Outreach Link Agency provides top-rated guest posting services that will benefit your business.     

1: Build Valuable Backlinks: 

Build Valuable Backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the products of guest posting. In other words, they are one of the benefits you’ll enjoy from guest blogging.

The beauty of guest posts is that you can build high-quality and valuable backlinks that will take your online business to the next level. Links from other websites can influence Google’s algorithm ranking.

Webpages with fewer backlinks receive lower organic traffic than the ones with more high-quality backlinks. Therefore, incorporating guest blogging in your marketing approach can catapult your online business to the next level.

Some years ago, backlink was the rave of the SEO community. But as it got popular, people started seeking ways to cheat Google’s algorithm. They began building backlinks (low-quality and spammy) via numerous methods. This forced Google to penalize many sites with low-quality links. Nevertheless, backlinks kept their place as a key Google ranking factor.

Warning: Backlinks can have a massive impact on your website. However, all links are never equal.

For instance, backlinks from sites like Politico, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, etc., will have far better value or worth than the ones from low-quality or low-authority websites. One backlink from any of these sites will have far more impact than 50 links from low-quality sites. The reason for this is the website’s domain authority.

Warning: Relevance is crucial when building backlinks. If your niche is technology, ensure your backlinks are from related sites. Otherwise, they won’t add value to your site.

Now, you have to get started. Build high-quality backlinks for your brand via guest blogging. Your competitors are doing it, and the impacts are evident. So don’t be left out. Integrate guest posting into your marketing approach and watch its massive impact on your business.

Backlinks count as votes from other sites. That is how Google sees them. So, if you want positive votes, get quality and relevant backlinks.

2: Create Brand Awareness:

Here is one reason to cherish guest posting. It’s beneficial regardless of business niche. Guest blogging also gives new and established businesses a level playing field. You will have the same opportunity as established companies and your competitors to announce your new business to a new audience.

When you write and publish guest blog posts on another website, you’re exposing your business to a new audience. They’ll read your article, and if they like what you delivered, they may visit your site.  From this point, they may become paying customers.

A Handy Tip: Using high-quality, information-packed content for guest posting is essential. Furthermore, edit your content thoroughly and ensure it is valuable to users.

If you can produce high-quality content and find an authoritative website to publish it, you’ll strike gold in your link-building and SEO effort.

3:  Grab More Followers On Social Media:

Grab More Followers On Social Media.

Do you want to grow your social media following? Yes, of course! I don’t expect any website owner to refuse this offer. Social media has become a gold mine for marketers in recent years. Many businesses even set aside huge budgets yearly for social media marketing.

You can hit your sales goals with ease if you have a large social media following. But how can you grow your following via guest blog posts? Firstly, write good and captivating content.

Secondly, include social media buttons (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) on your guest posts.

A Handy Tip: Ensure your guest blog post is always top-notch and worth reading. People will be more interested in following you on social media if your guest post wows them and proffers a solution to their problems.

Who, by the way, will refuse to follow a problem-solver? So, prospects will gladly click the social media button and follow you if they find your content valuable.

 4: Catapult Your Organic Traffic And Ranking:

Catapult Your Organic Traffic And Ranking

How do guest post influence a website’s search engine rankings and website traffic? When you draft and publish quality articles on other credible websites, Google will pick up the backlinks. Then they’ll count them as votes of authority and confidence.

The backlink from the other website is a vote of confidence from that site to yours. Google assumes those sites are rating yours as valuable and credible.

Understand that SEO involves numerous strategies. Thus, a handful of backlinks here and there may not have such a massive impact on search ranking immediately.

Nevertheless, backlinks can influence search ranking. And if they make Google start trusting your site and content, you’ll likely rank on Google search engine effortlessly.

A Handy Tip:  Ensure your site contains high-quality and valuable content before guest blogging. Why? The articles on your site will keep your readers engaged when the backlinks generated via guest posts start sending people to your website.

If you need a professional to help keep your website’s blog section busy with high-quality content, Outreach Link Agency is there for you.

5: Generate Leads Effortlessly:

Lead generation is the heart and soul of any business. And the good news is guest blogging can make lead generation seamless.

How? In addition to creating high quality content, here is what you have to do.

Incorporate a CTA (Call-To-Action) in your guest post.

Your CTA can be any of the following:

  •     Subscribe For Free Newsletter
  •     Subscribe For Free eBook on XYZ
  •     Subscribe To Emails
  •     Download Now
  •     Signup For Free Trial
  •     Buy Now (find out if the website you’re publishing the post will permit this CTA).

Pro Tips: Although the above CTAs are still effective, they are common. So, get creative with your CTA! Here are some creative Call-To-Actions below. They pass similar messages as the ones we first mentioned but in a creative manner. Check them out.

Creative CTAs:

  •     Try it
  •     Push for fun
  •     Take a peek
  •     Commit to yourself
  •     Get a little pop in your inbox
  •     I’m the best pet parent
  •     Take me to the blog
  •     Get yo tickets while they’re hot
  •     I want to get healthier (Great CTA idea for fitness or health blog).

6:  Guest Posting Offers You A Chance To Growing A Beneficial Network:

One thing that makes guest blogging an exciting link-building and marketing approach is the opportunity it offers both the guest blogger and the website’s major own. What opportunity? Wait, I’ll tell you!

When you contact other websites to request guest posting opportunities, you are opening doors of opportunities to network and build relationships. This type of relationship can benefit you and the website you contacted for a guest post.

From being a guest post solicitor, you can become a regular contributor on multiple websites, opening up opportunities to rake in valuable backlinks. In turn, you’re giving the website owner high-quality content they would have spent money to buy or invest time and energy to write.

Building a robust backlink profile becomes a piece of cake once you get a foot in the door and establish a good rapport with other websites.

7: Make Your Sales Cycle Brief:

The sales cycle is a fragile one. Potential buyers may quit halfway into the cycle if they feel unconvinced. But guest blogging can help to shorten the sales cycle. How?

You will likely earn a place in prospects’ hearts when you consistently deliver high-quality, information-packed, well-researched, and helpful guest posts that satisfy their search intent. Potential customers will have confidence in you since you have portrayed yourself as an expert. They’ll no longer have trust issues when dealing with you.

For instance, Outreach Link Agency has built a reputation as a leading guest posting service provider over the years. The company has helped many new and existing businesses acquire valuable backlinks, build credibility, and create awareness via guest blogging.

Assuming any of those clients come across the name “Outreach Link Agency” on another blog or platform, discussing guest posting. How do you think they would react? Of course, their interest will be rekindled if they have a need for guest posting.

They won’t require anyone to convince them about Outreach Link Agency’s services to make a move.

8: Record Remarkable Improvement In Referral Traffic:

Record Remarkable Improvement In Referral Traffic.

For clarity purposes, referral traffic refers to traffic acquired from other sites. When you publish a guest post on another website, add a link to your site in the content, and people visit your site via that link, that’s what referral traffic means.

Referral traffic gives an idea of a guest post’s relevance. People will only click on a link they consider click-worthy.

Another unique thing about referral traffic is the fact that the traffic is targeted. In other words, potential customers that saw your guest post, clicked on the link and landed on your site may likely have the intention to patronize you.

A Handy Tip: You may receive a boost in targeted traffic if your content is top quality. However, don’t expect massive traffic via this channel. One remarkable thing about referral traffic is that they’re mainly targeted.

One reason why targeted traffic is a good idea is the possibility of visitors sharing your guest post and extending it to other rich content on your main website. They’ll share your guest post on their social media accounts if they like it. 

In addition, their followers will share your guest posts on their social media accounts, and so on. Thus, you will receive targeted traffic from social media thanks to your shared guest post.

9: Boost Your Content Writing Skills And Confidence:

Boost Your Content Writing Skills And Confidence.

Becoming a good writer is a process. And the more you write, the better you’ll become. Confidence is another important factor in content writing. You have to earn it naturally.

You earn confidence and improve your writing skills by writing more frequently. Writing for other reputable websites also enhances your writing skills. You would want to maintain the high standard and strict guidelines set by the website you contacted for guest post. In addition, you’ll get feedback from other readers and even the website owner.

Having your guest post accepted can give your confidence a significant boost. It will help you understand how good you are as a writer.

So guest posting is beneficial to your writing skill. You’ll encounter different reputable websites with diverse demands and write articles (guest posts) that satisfy each website’s writing style and requirements. It improves you as a guest writer.

10: A Great Way To Build A Solid Reputation:

A Great Way To Build A Solid Reputation

What is a great way to improve your online reputation? Guest blogging! The internet always remembers. And when you associate your brand’s name with valuable content or something good, and people note it, your brand’s reputation improves.

Create custom content and tie it to your brand to improve your reputation. Let your content provide a solution to potential customers.

Remember that when you do, you’ll become a trustworthy brand to them. Again, four out of five people agree that businesses become more reliable when creating custom content.

11: Show Authority In Your Field:

Show Authority In Your Field.

Guest blogging can position you as a thought leader in your niche. It allows you to share expert knowledge and insight on industry-specific topics. The information provided in guest posts can be helpful to potential customers, who may start seeing you as an authority in the field.

Once people start seeing you as an authority in your field, their trust in you increases. They’ll start believing every word you say and trust your judgment, even on critical issues.

Publishing guest posts on numerous websites can make your name popular and well-known on the internet. Thus, you’ll build trust and credibility, two vital ingredients needed to generate leads and transform them into paying customers.

The online influence guest posting offers can help you establish E.A.T, a situation where search engines will start seeing you as an authority in your niche and trust every word you say.  

12: Opportunity To Grow A Portfolio Of Work:

Opportunity To Grow A Portfolio Of Work.

Your business needs a portfolio. You also require a portfolio as an individual. As you already know, most customers are eager to see the impact brands have and can make besides their usual products or services.

Providing high-quality and expertly drafted guest posts is a unique way to expand a brand’s portfolio. Your content will be helpful to potential customers. And the more value you provide via quality posts, the more you shine online and become well-known in your niche.

Potential and existing customers will regard you as the go-to for information in your niche. They will have absolute conviction that they can trust any word you say.

A Handy Tip: Guest blogging allows you to engage audiences you don’t and might not have. It will enable you to extend your portfolio to other websites.

Show prospects why they should consider and follow your brand. That’s the power of guest blogging.

 13: Earn Brand Mentions Across Social Media Platforms:

Earn Brand Mentions Across Social Media Platforms.

The use of social media is one of the benefits of guest blogging. When you publish a guest post on other websites, they’ll share your content on their social media pages. Similarly, their followers will share your content on their pages.

So guest blogging allows you to enjoy massive brand mentions. Your brand name will become well-known when you write high-quality content and maintain the quality consistently.

Social mentions can build trust and credibility for your brand across social media, including various platforms. Your social media accounts will also feel the positive impact of your popularity across the different platforms.

Creating awareness for your brand on social media can help improve organic traffic to your website. You may record increased visits from various social media platforms.

14: Reach New Audience And Attract New Customers:  

Reach New Audience And Attract New Customers.Guest posting not only allows brands to build credibility. It also allows brands to reach a wider audience. But how can guest posts help in lead generation or attract new customers? It is simple.

The reason the majority of people surf the web is to find the best solution to a problem. And if you can solve that problem by expertly drafting well-researched content, prospects may start seeing you as a problem solver.

Similarly, people may want to try your products or services because they believe in you. Trust is hard to gain online, and once built, the sky will be your starting point.

So ensure you are always creating high-quality content. This way, you’ll win prospects’ hearts and unlock numerous business opportunities.

Provide the right solution. Let your audience start seeing you as the go-to brand for information on related-problems in your industry.

15: Guest Posting Is Budget-Friendly:

Guest Posting Is Budget-Friendly.

Every year, most firms budget millions of dollars to run adverts. There’s nothing wrong in that, provided the ROI is encouraging. However, incorporating guest posting in the marketing approach is a wise decision for businesses seeking to cut costs.

One of the benefits of guest posting is its cost. You don’t need to break the bank to acquire quality backlinks. Plus, it’s cheaper compared to advertisements.

You might enjoy improved organic traffic when you run ads for your website. But note that once you stop paying for the adverts, you’ll disappear from the first page of search engine results. That’s how paid adverts work.

Guest posting is the direct opposite. “Backlinks embedded in your guest post published on other sites” will stay on for years as long as the website stays active.

16: Increase Your Credibility:

Increase Your Credibility.There’s no denying that credibility is almost as vital as authority in today’s business environment. But how can guest posting help you develop and improve your credibility?

Before posting on any website, you must earn the site owner’s approval. This vetting process is crucial because many website owners are picky, and you cannot blame them. They have maintained a certain high standard for their blog posts throughout, and they understand the importance of staying consistent.

Publishing guest posts on authority websites is one way to earn credibility. People will start seeing you as a professional whose voice should be heard.

17: A Great Opportunity To Iron Out Your Marketing Skills:

Does guest blogging (guest posting) help you fine-tune your marketing skills? Yes, it does. As you know, a marketing approach that works perfectly for a brand may have a different result for another.

Therefore, as a marketer, you must find your brand’s best content marketing strategy. And there is no better way to achieve this than through guest blogging.

You can decipher the best content marketing approach for your brand through guest posting. It allows you to try different content marketing strategies to know which has the best results.

For example, you’ll know if bulleted content is more effective than a numbered list, and vice versa. It just helps you find that game-changing content marketing approach .

18: Guest posts can have a massive impact on your online Influence: 

Did you know influencer marketing’s ROI is quite huge? People believe in the recommendations these influencers give more than paid adverts on TV or celebrities.

Now, who is an influence, and are you one? If you have consistently been producing high-quality guest posts that provide value to users, then you’re an influencer and need to take advantage of opportunities before you.

As an influencer, guest posting helps you connect to readers you don’t know and probably wouldn’t have encountered. Another thing it does is open doors of opportunities to help brands advertise their businesses and earn passive income.

So, if you’re an influencer, use guest posts to reach a wider audience, announce your presence and grow your followings. Let people know you can help them get their products and services to new audiences.

19: Opportunity to receive unbiased feedback:

Opportunity to receive unbiased feedback

Community feedback can help shape your marketing strategy. For the record, digital marketing is about creating and modifying strategies to fit the current business environment.

You may have been getting readers’ feedback on content published on your website. Guest posting helps you test your content marketing strategy before a different set of readers. You’ll also get feedback from readers to evaluate your work and make necessary adjustments if need be.     

You will gain experiences and ideas from others in the comment section when you publish your guest posts. People would want to engage you when you produce a masterpiece. That’s how it is.

20: Boost social media shares:Boost social media shares.

How do you boost social media shares for your own content? Create high-quality and share-worthy guest posts. Display your expert knowledge in the articles.

When you write a great post, people will like and share it on their social media accounts. And the more shared posts you have, the more followers and leads you can generate for your business.

So the most important thing is to create top-notch content that people will find interesting enough to share. Ensure the content solves prospects’ problems, and they’ll share your content on their social media pages for others to benefit.

What To Consider When Writing Guest Posts:

What To Consider When Writing Guest Posts

Here are the things you should consider when guest posting.

  • Focus on topics you know well and can deliver a great piece on.
  • Edit your posts ruthlessly. Ensure they are grammar and spelling error-free.
  • Do not publish guest posts for the sake of acquiring more backlinks. Remember that anything you post online is a reflection of your business.
  • Follow guidelines when drafting guest posts. Do not assume the site owner will accept your content. Check their instructions and abide by them as you write your guest posts.
  • Ensure your content is 100% unique. You should have exclusive rights to your content before publishing it to another website.
  • Include outgoing links to trustworthy and authoritative sites.
  • Don’t link to affiliates or low-quality sites. 
  • Only include up to two links in your author bio.
  • Cover topics that are relevant to your audience and timely.
  • Ensure the topics you’re writing on are vital to your readers.

Choose the content you publish on your blog carefully. Only publish high-quality and relevant posts. You don’t need to publish every post people submit to you. Scrutinize them and ensure they’re in line with your guidelines and quality. 

Popular Guest Posting Mistakes Most Individuals Make

Popular Guest Posting Mistakes Most Individuals Make.

Guest posting offers numerous benefits. But you’ll only enjoy these benefits when you avoid the mistakes you’re about to read.

In other words, you’ll only benefit from guest blogging when you do things right. Guest posting can help improve your site’s ranking and traffic. It can boost your credibility and offer numerous mouthwatering benefits.

However, for you to enjoy these benefits, avoid the following mistakes.

1: Failure to conduct a thorough investigation:

You cannot just write a guest post and send it to any website you deem fit. Do a proper investigation to ascertain if that site is a good fit. You can ask the following questions to understand if the site is a good fit for you.

  • Is the guest posting sites’ audience relevant to you?
  • Who are your target audience and what type of audience is the site targeting?
  • What guidelines has the site set to accept guest posts?
  • What type of posts does the site contain, or the website owner would prefer?

2: Focusing on your brand and business:

Your guest posts should focus on providing value to readers. They should solve problems and give the users a reason to see you as an authority in the field.

Unfortunately, most people think guest posting is an opportunity to promote their businesses. But that isn’t the case. 

Do not promote your own website/business via guest posts. Remember, you will publish that post on someone else’s website. And they may reject your content because you promote your business.

A Handy Tip: The most important thing is to follow the guidelines of the website and ask for clarity if you don’t understand any of the website’s guidelines.

3: Failure to include backlinks:

You must include a backlink to your site. Otherwise, your effort will be in vain.

In addition, when you add backlinks to your posts, they should follow the guidelines of the website publishing your content. Don’t assume in this case. Check the instructions and interact with the website owner for further clarification.

Failure to include backlinks isn’t a common problem. But take proper note of it when drafting your posts.

4: Approach website owners with confidence:

When pitching to other websites, what tone should you use? Most people will choose a formal style. But the thing is, you don’t have to be formal.

Most website owners will respond to your messages quickly when you use a friendly tone and show confidence. Showing the website owner that you’re scattered via your pitch is a recipe for disaster. You may not make any headway with that.

So, when you approach other websites, act like you have been friends with the website owner. However, please do not overdo it.

5: Ensure your content is relevant:

The essence of guest blogging isn’t to build backlinks. You may fail if you make this your primary aim. Yes, you’ll be able to add a backlink to your content. But first, focus on providing value.

Your content should be relevant to the audience, website owner, you, and, lastly, the search engine. In other words, it has to be SEO-optimized so that search engines can index and rank it quickly.     

A Handy Tip: Take enough time to research before you start writing. Check the website publishing your content and ensure they have yet to work on the topic you intend to write on.

6: Approaching sites that are not relevant:

Relevance is essential in guest posting. In other words, if you’re in the tech niche, a backlink from a tech blog will be more relevant to your own website.

So, choose your targeted websites for guest posts carefully. Ensure that they’re niche-relevant and authoritative. You also should check other guest posts on the sites. Do they look like a link farm or spammy? If yes, avoid publishing your guest post there.

7: Lack of high-quality content on your website:

Your guest posts can earn you referral traffic. But what you do with the visitors is up to you. If you want them to become leads and then paying customers, it’s up to you. The quality of content on your site will play a key role. 

Having high-quality content on your site matters when guest posting. Your content will entertain and inform your visitors, including helping them to form an opinion about your brand.

However, publish good content on your website. Let your audience feel immersed when reading your website content. 

8: Failure to edit thoroughly:

Avoid mistakes in your guest posts. Edit them ruthlessly, and manually. You can also use a proofreading tool.

Final Thought

The benefits of guest posting are mind-blowing, as you can see. It can take your marketing and SEO efforts to the next level. Guest posting can create brand awareness for your new or existing products or services.

You can use guest posts to stamp your authority in your niche. Build confidence by publishing information-packed and valuable content.

Guest posting is beneficial, but it requires hard work. It takes time, effort, and more. You also have to be patient.

Unfortunately, time is a luxury for business owners. And because of that, many aren’t considering guest posting.

You must pay attention to guest posting if you have a business and want to succeed online. By the way, you can involve a proven expert to handle your guest posting projects while you focus squarely on other aspects of your business.

Outreach Link Agency is a leading guest posting service provider. We help new and existing brands to acquire quality backlinks via guest posting. We use white hat SEO so that you can enjoy maximum benefits from the guest posts.   

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