What Is A Backlink Profile? What You Need To Know

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What Is A Backlink Profile

We are here to tackle the question, “What is a backlink profile?” You may have heard about this term multiple times. 

Backlinks are vital in any SEO campaign and are one of Google’s major ranking factors. 

So backlinks are a great SEO strategy. They can help improve your website ranking, traffic, and online reputation. However, the quality of your backlinks counts. 

Google considers the quality of your backlink to rank your site. Thus, low-quality backlinks will have no impact on your website’s SEO. 

At Outreach Link Agency, we help new and existing websites build healthy backlink profiles. These include backlinks comprising niche-relevant, high-authority, and non-spammy websites. 

Now, what is a backlink profile? We’ll answer this question and provide other useful information to help guide you. 

What Is A Backlink Profile?

A backlink profile refers to the total number of links you have on other websites. These are links point to your website. They include links you have worked so hard to acquire. 

Building a healthy backlink profile is important. We cannot overemphasize the benefits this will have on your website. A healthy backlink profile comprises links acquired from niche-specific, authoritative, and non-spammy websites.

Google wants you to have these types of links. Another thing to consider in a link profile is the links’ characteristics, not the number of links alone. 

Here are the characteristics below:

  • What are the types of backlinks that make up your link profile? Are they all do-follow or no-follow links? Or, both do-follow and no-follow? 
  • What are the anchor texts? Anchor text refers to hyperlinked text. For example, the best backlink profile
  • Are the links relevant? Are the websites you got the links from in the same niche as yours?   
  • What is the authority of each website?

Niche relevance is important. It refers to the niche of the sites offering you the backlinks. According to an interview granted by Andre Weyher, an ex-Google employee, site relevance is a big deal to Google. He even said site relevance is the “new PageRank.” That is, Google places huge value on backlinks acquired from niche-relevant sites. 

How To Know You Have A Healthy Link Profile

Creating a backlink profile is not enough. Are links good enough for your SEO campaign? Will they have a huge impact on your website? These are the things to consider while building your link profile. 

At Outreach Link Agency, we help new and existing websites build robust backlink profiles. 

We use a manual link-building strategy so that the links acquired can have a long-lasting impact on your website. Google values link acquired manually. 

Here are signs you have a healthy backlink profile. 

1: All your backlinks are from relevant, niche-specific sites. For example, you get your backlinks from related websites.

2: Minimal number of low authority and low-quality backlinks. Or zero low-quality and low-authority links. 

3: Your backlinks’ anchor texts are relevant and non-spammy. 

4: You have a backlink profile comprising many high-authority and organic links. 

5: You have a variety of links. A balanced combination of no-follow and do-follow links. 

A Handy Tip: The quality of your links is more important than quantity. So, you’re wasting your time if your focus is on quantity. 

If you must get plenty of backlinks, focus on high-quality ones. Get niche-relevant links from authority sites. 

In addition to this, avoid building backlinks too fast. When you do, you give Google the room to assume you’re being crafty. 

Build your backlinks gradually, slowly, and steadily. Avoid the rush to acquire many backlinks in one night or a few weeks. Google has sophisticated technology and exposure. Thus, it won’t take long for the search engine giant to put a mark on your site. And you do not want that.   

 You need to know this if you’re in charge of your link-building project. You may likely receive spammy links from some low-quality and low-authority websites. 

But there is no reason for you to fret when this happens. Just disavow the poor-quality links, and they won’t negatively impact your website ranking. 

How To Acquire Backlinks To Improve Your SEO

Backlinks obtained from trusted websites help to improve your online reputation and credibility. These backlinks are part of the signals Google considers when ranking a website. 

Google will always put users before website owners. So, it will always favor websites with high-quality content. 

A healthy link profile is a stamp of approval for search engines ranking websites. So, create a healthy backlink profile for your website. 

Link-building is a challenging process. Why? It takes much effort to capture the attention of trusted websites. You must send a pitch (your topic ideas and interest) and await their response. 

Sometimes, you may have to wait for weeks to get a response from these websites. Some may not even respond to your messages.   

Here is how to acquire backlinks to grow your website. 

1: Getting backlink organically:

You can acquire backlinks organically if your content is top-notch. When you produce high-quality content, other websites may consider you an authority. And consequently, they may want to link to your content.   

Over time, you may receive numerous backlinks from these 

Having a robust link profile can help your pages rank high in SERPs. And when you’re on the first page of search engine results, traffic to your website will increase. 

Here is what every website owner needs to do; ensure the content published on your website is high-quality, informative, and valuable to the readers. Provide content that solves users’ problems. 

2: Purchasing backlinks:

You can build your backlink profile by purchasing backlinks. Note also that backlinks bought can improve your search engine ranking and link profile. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best decision to build a healthy link profile. 

Your main priority should be building a good backlink profile. In other words, the links have to be natural, non-spammy, and authoritative. But this won’t be the case when you purchase your backlinks. 

When you purchase backlinks, there is no guarantee that you will escape the Google penalty. Google doesn’t like when websites purchase backlinks. Rather, it wants you to build your link profile manually.  

So, you may land in trouble with search engines when you purchase backlinks. 

3: Build networks:

There is no easy quick to link building. No link-building strategy is easy too. 

Diverse ways of getting quality backlinks exist, and one of them is by building networks. It involves establishing a good rapport with website owners. After a while, you can ask them for a backlink. 

In most cases, some website owners may ask you to create content and then insert your link into that content for them to publish. In this case, you’re getting a backlink but providing content at the same time. 

Your content has to be top-notch for high-authority sites to publish it. No matter your relationship with a website owner, they won’t publish poor-quality content. 

Write high-quality content if you want it published quicker. Show your expertise in the content so that readers can trust you.  

A Handy Tip: Build relationships with website owners in your niche. Remember also that your links should be from niche-relevant sites. Only such links have value to Google. 

4: Diversify your backlinks:

Get your backlinks from trusted websites and avoid spammy sites. Approach websites of varied authority, but ensure they are niche-relevant. 

Another way to diversify your link profile is to consider the do-follow ratio to no-follow links. Of course, the no-follow link boasts the rel=”nofollow” tag. And Google doesn’t crawl or transfer page rank to such links. 

No-follow links won’t have any effect on your website ranking. However, your link profile must include a mixture of no-follow and do-follow links. 

The do-follow links have more impact on the search ranking, but having a link profile where all the links are do-follow will raise suspicion. Google may assume you’re doing something illegal and closely monitor you. 

If you were sincerely practicing manual link building, most of your links would be no-follow. Your entire links can’t be do-follow because most sites don’t offer such. Instead, they’ll give you no-follow because they don’t want to share link juice with your website.

Google has been around the block for years and has sophisticated technology that helps identify red flags in websites. So it doesn’t matter whether there are millions of sites out there. Google has a way of monitoring each site.

A mixture of do-follow and no-follow links classifies a healthy link profile. You can have like 57% do-follow and 43% no-follow. You can rank high with such a link profile. 

A Handy Tip: Note that Moz’s inbound link profile contains 60% no-follow links to 40% do-follow links. Yet, they rank high on SERP for the target keyword. You can see that they have more no-follow than do-follow links.

The no-follow links don’t impact your domain power and can’t influence your search ranking. However, they make your links appear natural, which Google always looks for in a link profile. 

Why Is Anchor Text Important In Backlink Profile?

Anchor texts refer to the hyperlinked word or words in your content. You can see a quick example below.  

Anchor Text Important In Backlink Profile

There’s a link on the words “Moz’s inbound link.” You’ll find it this way when the content is eventually published. 

One important reason to consider anchor text in your link profile is the impact it can have. Anchor text can influence your link profile’s health. 

Note that other website owners will link to your site when you write high-quality content. But one unfortunate thing that will happen is you cannot determine the anchor text they’ll use. 

In most cases, the anchor text they’ll use could be your brand or business name. That’s how the majority of the anchor text would be. 

The important thing is to vary your anchor text. Avoid anchor texts that appear spammy in Google’s eyes. Earn your backlinks legitimately, and don’t try to play smart with Google.  

Toxic Links That Can Damage Your Backlink Profile 

Endeavor to maintain a healthy backlink profile throughout. In other words, avoid toxic links. Toxic backlinks can negatively impact your website’s search ranking, and you could get penalized by Google. 

Here are examples of toxic backlinks you should avoid at all costs. 

  • Avoid backlinks with high toxicity scores. Use SearchAtlas to analyze backlinks and focus on the spam score. 
  • If the referring domain doesn’t receive organic traffic signals, think twice about getting your backlinks from them. It will be wise to look elsewhere.  
  • Avoid backlinks from websites that are irrelevant to yours. You can’t have a website focused on automobiles and be looking for backlinks from a health blog. Niche relevance matters a great deal to Google. Keep that in mind when building your backlinks. 


This post focuses on what is a backlink profile. It refers to the number of links (both good and bad) pointing to your website. Remember also that it’s very important for you to create a healthy backlink profile. 

A healthy backlink profile comprises natural, high authority, and non-spammy links. They include links pulled from niche-relevant websites. 

Building a healthy backlink may seem like a walk in the park, but it isn’t. Identifying high-quality websites in your niche takes time and effort. You have to check each website you come across manually. 

Another challenge is waiting for a response after pitching your targeted websites. Some might take a few hours, while others might take weeks to respond to your backlink request. 

 The good news is Outreach Link Agency is here to help you build a healthy backlink profile. We have a team of link-building experts with knowledge and experience building quality backlinks. 

We will help you build a healthy backlink profile to improve your website’s search ranking, organic traffic, and online reputation.   


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